The Consultation and Cost

Within the clinic, the consultation process occurs. The consultation is an interactive process which is very different from your average GP appointment.

The initial consultation between herbalist and patient usually lasts between 1 – 1½ hours. During the process we discuss any conditions that the patient is concerned about, lifestyle, diet, past medical history, any other treatments or therapies the patient is undergoing and anything else that arises.

Nutrition is a huge part of the consultation and add on or stand alone nutritional consultations are available.

There may also be physical examinations needed and I am trained to perform these (for example taking blood pressure).

The consultation is a dynamic process in which the patient is very involved in the decision process. As the herbalist I will advise any lifestyle or dietary changes and offer my thoughts on differential diagnoses and potential herbal remedies. I will also refer if I think it necessary.

Herbs can often be taken alongside orthodox medicines but sometimes this is not the case and I will advise accordingly. I can also work with the GP or other therapist to bring about the best possible healing result.

If you cannot make it to the apothecary, I can provide health consultations via Skype – these are great for overseas patients and those further afield. Call or email to book an appointment. Fees are the same as a consultation in the apothecary. Home visits are also available.


Initial consultation (including via Skype):
Adult £65 (16yrs+)
Child £45 (up to 16yrs)

Follow-up consultations (including Skype consultations):
Adult: 30 mins £35, 60 mins £50, 90 mins £65
Child £30

Acute mini-consultations (for a cold, or a wound etc.)
Adult or Child: £10-£30

Herbal Medicines usually cost around £3-10 per week depending on what is needed.
Concessions are available, please ask.

Home Visit Fees

Prices will vary depending on how far you are, but a guide would be
Initial consultation Adult £75; Child £50
Follow-up consultations Adult £50; child £30

Wild Nutrition
An add-on consultation (Herbal Medicine + Nutrition): £99 2 hours
A full nutrition consultation: Adult £65.00; Child £35.00

The Wild Apothecary is made up of wild medicines and bought medicines of the highest quality – organic or biodynamic where possible and mostly produced in the UK. Some fantastic plants are, however, grown in other climates and I have medicines made from these within the collection.

The medicines are usually tinctures (alcohol based liquids), teas (dried herbs), glycerites (non-alcoholic liquids), creams, salves, lotions, capsules or tablets.

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