All. Things. Wild.

This is an area that is intrinsic to herbalism and yet also simply a part of us. I don’t know many herbalists who are not lovers of the wild, those places of sheer natural beauty and wonderousness. 

In my travels as I was morphing from a quiet wanderer baby herbalist to a more embodied herbalist, I found delight in all kinds of wild spaces – huge oceans, tiny plants, the eyes of a baby sloth watching me, a pillow that turned out to be a highly venomous black snake, the weighty hang of moss, deep caves with crystals and batshit, red earth, mud, volcanic soil, manta rays swimming up to me, killer whales tossing seals towards me, the top of Wollumbin and a wedge tailed eagle flying just beside me, the full moon setting as the sun rose over the ocean, cold and deep pools in rock, thermal waters, buttercups, tiny wrens… so much more… 

Wild is what makes us. Sometimes we forget our wild selves and get lost in the mundane, the safe, the walled, the tech, the grey. 

Wild is the part of herbalism that most excites my elemental self – the part that belongs to Land and who cannot separate herself from Land and all kin. 

These pages explore my offerings from wilderness rites of passage to ceremony and nature immersion. 


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