Please see my Etsy shop or check out the list below – do also ask if you’d like anything because I make bespoke products. Thank you.

Sacred Smoke Sticks

Sacred Smoke Stick

These are ever changing through the year – made with care and tending on auspicious days with wild-crafted, organic or homegrown plant allies.  £9-11 each

Bath salts

Luminifera Bath Salts

These are also ever changing to follow cycles and seasons. This one, for Imbolc and the coming of the light is luxurious, organic and beautiful. Ground, opening, softening.  £17

Wild Plant Packages

Wild Within Winter Rose Self Care Package – this is for tending grief, nourishing self and opening softly

Wild Within Facial Oil – Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond oil, Rosa absolute, Rose Geranium, Vetiver, Bergamot, Katafray* and Sandalwood (* non-organic but trusted companies)

Rose Tea – wildcrafted and organically grown Rosa damascena, gallica and canina blend

Rosa and Cacao elixir

Rose bath salts or Rose chocolate truffles – (depending on the time of year and longevity)

Colouring in Rose drawing

£40.00 (plus postage if you can’t pick up)


Herbal First Aid Kit

Burn gel with aloe, lavender and St. John’s wort

Myrrh tincture (anti-infective)

Myrrh and goldenseal powder

Chamomile tea

Marigold tincture (anti-fungal)

Hot comfrey cream (aches and pains)

Bruise cream

£50.00 (plus postage if you can’t pick up)


Winter Wellness package

Incense cone from sage, rosemary or mugwort (air cleanse)

Elderberry and ginger syrup

Echinacea and elderflower tonic drops

Immune busting tea blend

£35.00 (plus postage unless you can collect)

Drop me an email ( or call me to place an order – hopefully I’ll figure the tech out for a proper little shop soon!


Elderberry Syrup £10

Winter tonic £10

Tea blends £7.50 or £15.00

Hot Comfrey Balm £20.00 or £12.00

St. John’s Wort infused oil £10.00

Fire Cider £10.00

Elixirs £10.00

Facial oils £13, £18 or £27

Please give me a call or an email to enquire – thanks, Amaia


Click here to go to my Etsy shop which has illustrations and greeting cards of plant allies and herbal wonders.

You can contact me directly if you wish to purchase anything of course.

Here are some ideas of what I paint:

  begonia-fusca verbena-officinaliszelkova-carpinifoliablackthorn nettlepinus-culminicola  dart-sea-trout plantaingladiolus-%ef%80%a0david-hills%ef%80%a0 hedera-helix-ivy lesser-periwinkleorange-hot-lavapinus-lumholtzii    paulownia-tomentosaphysalis-alkekengii    pseudotsuga-no-text