Wild Medicine Apprenticeship

Rewild the Heart – Wild Medicines Apprenticeship Level 1

Healing self and finding connection to our land through plant medicine

With the 2019/2020 Rewilding the Everyday course coming to an end soon, here is our next gift – the 2020 seasonal wild plant course of Rewilding the Heart.

This is a fully immersive course, each weekend focusing on the elements, natural cycles and seasonal changes of the time and the celebrations and exercises we practice to gain deeper connection with nature and wider understanding of the land.

This basic apprenticeship will be a journey through the seasons, building up our connection to self and land and finding out about seasonal plant medicine and how to make it. You will be guided in connecting with plants and landscapes and will develop your own apothecary and field guide.

These times call for us to become resilient and find our own path to understanding the natural world. This course is about answering the call to nature and the longing for wildness in your heart.


Course level: beginner to intermediate

Investment: £650.00

Dates 2020:

Spring Equinox weekend: 21 and 22 March   Nettle

Beltane weekend: 25 and 26 April   Hawthorn

Summer Solstice: 20 and 21 June   Elder

Autumn Equinox: 19 and 20 September   Meadowsweet

Samhain weekend: 31 Oct and 1 Nov   Rose


It will be spread through the seasons with 5 weekends of learning in a few different and stunning locations in Gloucestershire. Each day will have plant ceremony and initiation, apothecary creation, botany, time outside connecting and finding your own plant allies.

There may be optional extras including Cacao and Rose ceremony and summer workshops – investment and times to be confirmed.

We will learn about each celebratory festival of the year and what it means, with the warming of the lands and the opening of the plants, the flowering, the fruiting and the rooting. We will look at spring herbs, foraging and making remedies from wild spring medicines and then through the seasons to winter’s beginning. The use and type of medicines will be discussed and experienced with plant initiations, tastings, appropriations and meditations.

We will find our own connection to land through walks, forages, silent exercises, group work and individual time outside quietening, calming, listening. We will also create our own book through plant drawings, notes, pressings, journalling and maps.

Each day will be vegetarian bring and share lunch with beautiful organic, wild and nutritious snacks and refreshments provided.

Each day will begin at 10am and finish around 4pm.

A group connection is encouraged so you can bounce ideas and recipes off each other and find support in the group dynamic.

The investment is at present non-refundable to ensure the course and those enrolled goes ahead and the venues are happy – all being small and independently run.

Contact me to book your place. Limited places are available.

Blessings, Amy