I am offering mentorship – this will be for a few folk at a time and is an intimate and sustained way to connect gently with plants, herbalism, wild and self.

I was mentored as a baby herbalist and it was invaluable to the way I practise now.  I would walk with my mentor along the canals of London looking at the tiny plants and talking about energetics, dreams, fairies and art. He would tell me about his life as a student and how he looked at the world as he strode through it pausing to admire a flower or slender leaf. As I journeyed along the path of plant kin and wonder, I learned many a thing from walks and talks with herbalists, Land carers, gardeners, growers, activists, grief tenders, artists, nurses and more. 

Mentorship consists of weekly 1 hour check-ins online or on the phone and in person may be possible by mutual agreement. We will have some breaks for holidays.

The mentorship will unfold in quarters as the seasons blow in and out. Each quarter being a season of 3 months – you can add on as many more quarters as you feel you’d like. A year will see you through the cycles of the seasons and celebrations and is the minimum journey.

We will look at:
Plant kin for you – you’ll choose a small number of plants to work with Your life, desires, needs, challenges

Your wellbeing, herbalism, land care, rewilding and self-tending 

Elements and seasonal shifts

Ceremony in relation to an ecocentric understanding of our lives

Medicine making for you

Introduction to herbalism to suit your needs

Making an apothecary (the size of it will depend on how long your mentorship is for)

Making a plant kin journal – depending on how long you choose to be mentored for

We will also let a path unfold to see what it is you need

If you would like to be mentored in this way, get in touch with me and we can chat more. There will be the opportunity to help with growing herbs and foraging in the spring to autumn if you are local (or can travel) – this is a beautiful way to learn more too. 

Cost: £1777 (this is a non-refundable payment)

2 scholarships available – please ask especially if you are ‘BIPOC’ or from a marginalised community. 

We begin at Imbolc. If you would like to step into this journey contact me. It would be my honour to guide you through this in whichever way unfolds for you.

*ALL 2022 MENTORSHIP PLACES HAVE BEEN FILLED* if you’d like to be on the waiting list please let me know or if you’d like to book in for 2023 mentorship beginning at Imbolc (Feb 2, 2023) please be in touch. Amaia