Herbal Rebellion

Rebel herbalism is what we all need… finding ourselves more competent in the uses and identification of plants and thereby becoming more resilient to the changes the climate crisis is bringing through herbal medicine. Growing herbs, wildcrafting and edible growing with biodiversity in mind are all part of the way we garden and come together in community.

Wild Medicine Walks

When I lived in the centre of the London, we’d find healing plants growing happily in parks, alongside canals and even in walls. Urban and rural walks are full of herbal treasures. 

Here in Gloucestershire, there are many wonderful places to go herb hunting. Near the apothecary we have fields, the canal and the river so there are huge amounts to be found!

These herb walks can also be arranged privately for individual groups.

For dates of the next herb walk, see my blog post ~*~


A Herb Garden for You

Ever fancied growing your own herbs and tailored medicinal plants? We can create a herb garden with plants specifically chosen to suit your environment and health needs. We have gardeners and herbal knowledge to suit any sized garden. Contact us for more information. It is said that herbs growing around you are the ones you most likely need. I often see lungwort in the gardens of folk with lung issues and rogue marigold in the gardens of those in need of her excellent healing strength. I also know that cultivating wild medicine is a fantastic and ethical move as it prevents the damage that unethical foraging can wreak.

Stroud Community Medicine Garden

We set up the first Stroud Community Medicine Garden to get locals together to learn about herbal medicine while enjoying the therapeutics of gardening and socialising. As each person gifts their time to the garden, so it grows and they can reap the rewards from the medicine beds and knowledge from the herbalists. We would also like to start up other gardens where we can have more medicine making beds full of glorious herbs! Get in touch if you have land you’d like to donate/loan/make use of!
For more information check it out here.

Verbena hastata at the Home Medicine Garden Verbena hastata in the Herb Garden

Nana’s Medicine Garden

This is another herb garden in which we grow medicinal plants – we had lots of different species and picked a little from a great variety, now we are planting less varieties and harvesting more of that particular medicine.

Other fantastic wild medicine gardens:

Herbs for Healing the late (and beautiful) Davina Wynne Jones created a beauty of a medicine garden not too far away in Barnsley – well worth a visit.