Wild Nutrition

Food as Medicine. This is the basis of herbal medicine, what we eat really affects our health and by understanding what is happening when you eat something, you can change your health.

When I was trained as a medical herbalist, we were also trained in nutrition. Over the years, and even before I was studying to become a medical herbalist, I was interested in food, in healthy food grown in healthy soil, in animals that have been reared beautifully, cared for and killed humanely, in fish that has been ethically fished in clean waters, in processed food that has the least amount of processing. I lived on organic farms and worked with organic food. I learned from farmers, smallholders, nutritionists, naturopaths and herbalists what diet provides and how we can sustain ourselves and the planet.

In every consultation I have, I talk about food, diet and your needs. It is an intrinsic part of herbalism.

If you feel you are looking predominantly for help with your diet, I offer a comprehensive approach to making your diet healthy and work for you. It is a blessing to be able to eat such wonderful food. We can compile a diet that is right for you with recipes, foods and a creative approach.

Just let me know when you book in.

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