Womb herbs for the galactic and weedy womb:

I’ve been thinking about how to make herbal medicine accessible to everyone and while thinking about lots of different strands – teaching, writing, community etc. I did a little doodle (my artist self came out). It was inspired by a friend’s (Emma Calcutt) doodle of a womb and I just thought that is a beautiful way to teach – visuals. So I sat down and started the first drawing of what I hope to make into a series/book/booklet etc. for teaching and sharing… Here is it. It is basically a visual tool to help remember what herbs we might choose to use for certain people and their conditions. It is not definitive or specific to any one person but an indication of some of the herbs commonly used for a certain part of the body. I hope you like it!

Galactic womb - herbs for women
Galactic womb – womb herbs for women

I used a few herbs that I really like – raspberry leaf, wild rose, lady’s mantle, white dead nettle and yarrow. I call them ‘womb herbs’ but they are *just* plants with a myriad of uses. The galactic bit is in the stars – the cosmos, the cosmic! It is incredible how our bodies work, the mysteries, the potential, the healing and creating – a womb is an incredible bit of kit! I certainly am ever-learning more and more – in terms oh physiology, chemistry, life, women’s history, power, language. etc.

I will be doing courses in herbal medicine this year – email me if you are interested in attending.