Bear’s garlic… what a welcome sight!

So, the bears favour these little bulbs…. Imagine bears roaming through the Cotswolds… digging up our lovely woody areas all for the ramson which we sadly often overlook. Of the onion family, this lovely green shoot (as I saw her today) has the distinct pleasure of letting us know she is around through her scent… whiffs of garlic in the woods….

The leaves and the bulbs can be eaten or used in food medicine but usually only the leaves are sourced to save the bulbs some life for next year. They can be eaten raw and are pungent but when cooked are more gentle. Go ahead this year and pick some! Forage about in the woods for some bear garlic fun. Of course ethical wild-crafting is called for but when there are masses do take enough because once cooked, they soon lose their volume!

Pesto, wilted leaves over pasta, finely chopped into salads etc. all lovely yumminess and with some of the healing properties of garlic and onion, they are very healthy too. I like to make a pesto and then spread it thinly in my children’s sandwiches to get some into them… I sometimes also stir it into soups to get flavour and health benefits.

And really, you must go out picking if you are in a place beginning with Ram (Ramsgate etc.) because you are literally in ramson country…… oh the joy! ~*~


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