Stroud Yoga and Herbalism:

Having practised yoga since 1995, I decided to train as a yoga teacher. In 2007 I became a fully certified Hatha Yoga teacher at Sivananda in Neyyar Dam, India, where I also studied Ayurvedic medicine and massage alongside my yoga training. Coupled with that I have practised Vipassana meditation and various breathing techniques which I love to utilise in my practice as they are invaluable for health.

Vrksasana or the Tree Pose, Mahableshwar Vrksasana or the Tree Pose, Mahableshwar

I teach Hatha yoga with emphasis on relaxation. From experience I have learnt that one can strengthen the body and mind through relaxation, as opposed to aggressive activation (pushing oneself). In my classes, students relax into the posture and breathe through the posture. This is not to say yoga is a doddle! Finding one’s own balance between inactivation and over-activation is a fine art. Learning to use the breath properly sounds so easy it is not necessarily so.

Through the breath and discipline of meditation, one can also find strength and health. We will practise all of these elements of yoga in a safe and supportive environment. Each person is doing it for themselves.

I am now teaching from the Stroud Yoga studio Hot Yoga Stroud where the room is cosy and beautiful, and warm! Come find me for some relaxation, strengthening and asana work. Monday mornings 10-11.30 or Tuesday even 7-8 for the most lush relaxing bedtime yoga with candles, warmth and beautiful gentle yoga.

Hot Yoga Stroud timetable Hot Yoga Stroud timetable