Herb Walks

This is one of the loveliest thing to do! Wander around your locality and find medicines…. Wild medicines… Or at least medicines wild enough to be found growing outside (sometimes we spot things in people’s gardens!).

Early spring herb walk Early spring herb walk

I offer a variety of herb walks, some are long meandering walks in the countryside or town and some are much shorter in terms of distance for those who cannot march around. They are equally informative as there are healing plants to be found everywhere.

When I lived in the centre of the London, we’d find healing plants growing happily in parks, alongside canals and even in walls.

Here in Gloucestershire, there are many wonderful places to go herb hunting. Near the apothecary we have fields, the canal and the river so there are huge amounts to be found!

These herb walks can also be arranged privately for individual groups.

For dates of the next herb walk, see my blog post ~*~