2 Snail Mail Herbal Medicine Courses for 2020

Plant Allies and Rewilding

This course is aimed at those who would like to learn about the plant allies growing around us and the treasures they hold. Each month you will be sent a beautiful package about which plants are growing and what to look out for. The package will include identification, exercises […]

Miscarriage and grief

Here is a link to a little thought on miscarriage and stillbirth. The loss of an unborn child is something that isn’t talked about much but that needs so much more attention in our society.
There are lots of ways a herbalist can support a woman (and man) going through this. There is the physical side […]

The Herbal Sessions

The Herbal Sessions got under way last weekend as myself and fellow herbalist Alice Nugent guided a lovely group through the first of our seasonal courses – Autumn Well Being. They made themselves a little kit to take home with them whilst learning about some of the herbs we use in autumn.
More to follow soon […]