Herbal Medicine – A Woman’s Healing Journey

[ June 26, 2016; 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. ] Myself and herbalist Alexci Swann are holding a workshop during Red Hearth House’s month of all things female. In June each year the beautiful Slade Bank Woods are used for women’s workshops and talks, gathering and relaxing.

[caption id="attachment_633" align="alignleft" width="257"] Journey[/caption]

We will be looking at what it means to be a woman and how herbal […]

The Herbal Sessions

The Herbal Sessions got under way last weekend as myself and fellow herbalist Alice Nugent guided a lovely group through the first of our seasonal courses – Autumn Well Being. They made themselves a little kit to take home with them whilst learning about some of the herbs we use in autumn.
More to follow soon […]

Herb walks this spring!

[ March 21, 2015; 10:00 am to 11:00 am. March 28, 2015; 10:00 am to 11:00 am. ] Hello! Yes it’s time for herb walks again.

It’s nearly equinox! The balance of light and dark will pass and the longer light will be welcomed. Activity, creativity and expansion are encouraged! To kick it all off, I’m going to be doing free herb walks in Randwick, Gloucestershire and from the apothecary.

Randwick herb walk will […]

Awww… fan mail!

What a beautiful gift from the lovely and amazing D (we’ll call her!). It is always so special to be thought of and what a lovely gift, destined for the apothecary wall. Blessings and thanks. 

Late winter herb walk

So what did we find? Well, along the Woodchester valley there were plantain rearing their leaves, tree buds ripening and daphnes, hellebores and various mushrooms. Our favourite of which today was turkey tail. Yes, good old trametes versicolor was abundant on a few logs in its velvety glory. This will be dried and then added […]

Spring (ok, late winter) sale!

I have been thinking a lot about making herbal medicine more accessible in the community. There are various plans I have formulating as we speak but I thought I’d kick off with a sale on your first consultation! For the next month (so until 17 March 2015), I’ll be offering consultations for half price.
Keep an […]