Miscarriage and grief

Here is a link to a little thought on miscarriage and stillbirth. The loss of an unborn child is something that isn’t talked about much but that needs so much more attention in our society.

There are lots of ways a herbalist can support a woman (and man) going through this. There is the physical side – looking at the womb and hormones and the body. There is the emotional side – looking after grieving, shocked, sad mothers and fathers. There is the spiritual side, addressing the deep questions of life and loss.

This is a little bit of writing that was in reaction to a small article in my local newspaper. I am developing a picture that will demonstrate some of the herbs we can use in loss and grief. Email me or check the facebook page out if you’d like to know more. Of course, give me a call if you’d like a consultation with a view to being supported herbally.

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